Monday, February 22, 2010

Design Validation of Automotive Systems - Benefits of using SolidWorks Simulation

A new White Paper has been published by EGS India on the Benefits of Design Validation for Automotive Systems.

Automotive Industry is constantly looking at ways and means of reducing costs and staying profitable while delivering on time. Common denominator in all these challenges is Design. Companies investing in developing indigenuous Design Technologies, emerge successful in the world market and are able to sustain and innovate at a higher pace than the rest of the competition. This is possible on account of the following capabilities:
  • Delivering products faster with Up-front Engineering Design Validation as a part of the Product Development Process while compressing the cycle time
  • Lean Design by incorporating Value Engineering as a part of the Design Process ensuring evaluation of least cost alternatives before even the first prototype is developed
  • Increasing Reliability by Design – an Initiative that will eliminate hidden costs associated with product recall, re-design and/ or replacement of parts

'Valuefacture' of a product ensures product acceptance by Customer while assuring improvement in bottomline profitability. Companies that have identified Design Engineering as a Profit Centre have continued to invest in tools and technologies that augment Design Validation with assured return on Investment.

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